The solutions available today are dependent upon many moving parts. Currently, the Associations require that a member bank enable an ISO to provide merchant processing. Further, each member bank relies on a processing partner such as First Data, TSYS, or Vantiv to provide front end and back end services. While we believe that this will change long term as crypto currencies gain ground, the current milieu prevails. In addition, processors not only provide these authorization and settlement services for their Bank partners, but they also compete directly with their ISO clients.

We maintain, that most member banks have proven their bias toward liberal agendas. These financial institutions do not support second amendment rights, the sanctity of life, the biblical definition of marriage, and the most basic God ordained reality of gender. The headlines are replete with vitriol rhetoric, and inappropriate designations of hatred.

Merchants have routinely been terminated through the cooperation of a Card Brand, a member bank and a processor, solely because the merchant’s stance was for Faith, Family or Freedom. This should not be so.

We are resolute that SSG will need to rebuild and replace the entire process by developing or acquiring the components necessary to complete a transaction from cardholder to merchant and from merchant through to provisioning. We would welcome the opportunity to explain our strategic plan, and tactical execution of this essential transformation.

Our Solution set will include all of the services necessary to deliver transactional processing with an unapparelled efficacy.

Some of our current Solutions: