Conventional Wisdom

Traditional focus on the Non Profit markets are driven by the following stats. The reality is that not all non profits are created equal, and many give and don’t receive. There is an opportunity to call on all Faith Based Non Profits and expect a contact with the organization. This is not the case with traditional Non Profit organizations. There is a Thread that binds, and this Thread allows for an honorable dialogue with all Faith Based Non Profit organizations!

1,571,056 tax-exempt organizations, including:

System Seven Wisdom

System Seven Wisdom Wisdom is driven by the following statistics. These are the ECOSYSTEM participants. This is a unique focus, which requires a likeminded alignment, a comprehensive product set, specific execution, superior management, and ready capital.

Market Factors:

The Crimson Thread ©

System Seven will be entrusted with an unseen but priceless asset. The Crimson Thread ©. A common single thread runs through the lives and businesses of all Faith Based Non Profits and Businesses. This commitment to a Cause greater than ourselves knits together people of faith around the world.

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