Ambassador Program

Are you warming your hands at the wrong fire??

We believe that there are many honorable professionals in the merchant services industry today. Most of these individuals work for companies that may not be aligned with their Faith or their commitment to providing first rate services to the clients that they serve. In fact, many of these folks may even be marketing the services of companies that support Adult oriented or other questionable “High Risk” products and services. We are confident that there is enough traditional business in the marketplace today to provide services and solutions which can operate in a God honoring portfolio. Further, we believe that there are millions of clients that are waiting for alternatives. Not just options which are based on price, but choices which they can prioritize based upon conviction. We are committed to providing services which operate in the world, but not necessarily as a part of the world. We are resolute that we are called to be Ambassadors of Christ.

For this reason, SSG is forming a Federation of BankCard Professionals that have a Kingdom Focus. We want to assemble an organization that will coalesce the premier set of products and solutions to serve the Faith based and Conservative community. This will include but not be limited to serving the following:


SSG is actively seeking partners to join our federation. A Federation by definition is an organization that is aligned, but allows for agreed upon autonomy. We don’t want to tell any group how to market your business, but we do want to have an aligned set of core values that support what we market. Establishing merchant accounts that pad a less than reputable portfolio should not be ones only option.


Our tenure in the marketplace has allowed us to define and identify specific strategic Acquisition and investment opportunities, including Agents, Vendors, and Portfolios. The transactions would be immediately accretive, and add incremental Net Revenue Per Transaction (NRPT) to the portfolio.