What is System Seven Global? System Seven Global, or simply SSG, is an effort from Cornerstone Payment Systems. We will be looking to include additional Strategic and Tactical partners to provision a multifaceted solution that will serve all aspects of the target community. This will include a strong emphasis on Social Media and Mobile functionality. We will deliver a new Faith Based social media alternative to the current options. The genesis of this cooperative initiative is the commitment to establish the comprehensive alternative Ecosystem for the Conservative and Faith Based Community. This can only succeed when the Faith Based community focuses on the most important aspect of marketing. It is not PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACEMENT, the essential “P” is PRIORITIZATION. God has wired us to utilize a laser focus when we prioritize something. All else is second place to our prioritized objectives and convictions. Recent abuses by the Social Media Giants have filled the headlines, and their biased actions have highlighted the liberal leaning of their agendas. Thousands of conservative and Faith Based organizations and individuals have been deleteriously impacted at many levels. Businesses and conservative Faith Based entities have even had services terminated because they represent a biblical view on issues of Abortion, Pornography, Same Sex Marriage, or Second Amendment rights. In addition, our first Amendment rights have been diluted to the point of extinction. What’s amazing, is that reputable organizations have been lured into syncretism. This needs to end. The wise must embrace a change for the common good, a change for the Kingdom!


System Seven emphasizes the biblical focus on completion. Therefore, our commitment is to deliver “the” complete solution. This will evolve as the market changes, and our product will be a potent distilled solution. For this reason, the emphasis must be on the delivery mechanism of the solution. Donor behavior, like consumer behavior has shifted to a mobile digital world right under our noses. A donor’s smart phone is their appliance of choice, and with this always accessible tool; social, financial, educational, and philanthropic decisions are facilitated.  We believe that a proper alignment within the industry will enable the introduction of a new Faith Based ECOSYSTEM. This is…SystemSevenGlobal!